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The Ville
Caffeine Bar

The Ville is a high quality caffeine and small eats Caffeine Bar located downtown Halifax, NS. The Ville offers high quality coffee and espresso, SHOCK Coffee, breakfast foods, smoothies, goodies, and more! We aspire to be be the best coffee shop in downtown Halifax and are constantly evolving in order to improve. 

The Ville aims to provide you with an exceptional cup of coffee without missing the mark on atmosphere and service. We are proud of every coffee we serve, and are happy to make it any way you like! Extra hot? Luke warm? Triple shot? You tell us what you like and we will deliver. 

The Ville also offers an array of flavour shots to make your caffeinated beverage extra special. Vanilla, Hazelnut, Caramel, and Real Maple Syrup are the core flavours but we also like to have some fun and feature some unique choices! 

We serve easy drinking, easy eating, easy going vibes all day long. 


SHOCK Coffee
What is it?

In addition to our daily roast, you can find SHOCK Coffee exclusively at The Ville. SHOCK Coffee is an all natural, highly caffeinated drip coffee. It has on average 50% more caffeine than your average cup of coffee.


Unlike other coffees that boast a high caffeine content, SHOCK Coffee is all natural and doesn't miss the mark on taste. SHOCK Coffee is a dark roast and is available at The Ville every single day. 

SHOCK coffee may be your knight in shining armour after an all nighter, or may be just what you need to get through an all nighter. We love it, the people love it, and we are pretty sure you'll love it too!

at The Ville

Our menu is light and fun - just like us! We offer a classic breakfast sandwich we like to call the SUNRISER which you can upgrade to have on a croissant - which doubles the size! A Green Protein Smoothie Bowl is available (vg). See our Menu for more information. We also carry Bee Keeper's naturals products - which means you can add Superfood Honey to any of your drinks, or Raw Bee Pollen to your Smoothie Bowl. We always have a sandwich special going too, check our instagram for whats cooking these days!

In addition to our light fare we have Jumbo Muffins, Biscotti, Rice Crispy Squares, Big Cookies and Chocolate Peanut Butter Rounds. All of which are made fresh in house.

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