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The Ville
Caffeine Bar

The Ville is a high quality caffeine and small eats Caffeine Bar located in the downtown core of Halifax, NS. The Ville offers a Rotating Bean, gourmet sandwich menu, Ville-made soup and buttery baked goods. 

The Ville aims to provide you with an exceptional cup of coffee without missing the mark on atmosphere and service. 

We serve easy drinking, easy eating, easy going vibes all day long. 


Rotating Bean
What is it?

The Ville offers a Rotating Bean, similar to a Rotating Tap you would find at the local pub. Changing often and available while quantities last, we host some of the most unique, high quality or downright outrageous coffees you can find on the market. 

We are currently showcasing SHOCK Coffee.


This coffee is a dark roast coffee that has 50% MORE caffeine than your average cup of coffee. The roasters achieve this by combining Arabica and Robusta beans - creating a dark roast with a SHOCK of caffeine!  

at The Ville

We offer a gourmet sandwich menu at The Ville. All of our sandwiches are made fresh and can be customized to your liking. We carry gluten free bread and are happy to accommodate any dietary restrictions. We also offer Ville-made soup. See our Menu for more information.

In addition to our sandwich & soup offering, Buttered Bliss delivers an array of delicious pastries daily. Buttery Croissants, Cinnamuffin Rolls, Raspberry Lemon Scones and unique to us the Cruffin - which is a chocolate chip croissant muffin. Gourmet Donuts are available Fridays and Saturdays! 

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