• Jenna Oosterholt


Updated: Sep 29

Isn't that the same thing as a Cafe?

Gosh no.

The name “Caffeine Bar” was thoughtfully created to establish an apparent difference between Cafes, Coffee Shops, and Espresso Bars.

The name was designed to imply there is more than coffee or espresso at a Caffeine Bar. In addition to coffee and espresso, one can get their fix from our infamous 50% more caffeinated all natural coffee, teas, matcha, kombucha-teas, and even caffeinated treats! Caffeine Bars also offer a light eats menu currently featuring a

breakfast sandwich, smoothie bowl, and overnight oats.

All espresso based beverages at Caffeine Bar's are automatically double shots (yes, this means we basically beat everyone on price) and we don't care for latte art, instead we focus on making the best foam. Foam is one of the most important distinctions between each espresso based beverage. Our foam is always fluffy, like a little bunnies butt, and makes for the best cappuccino, latte, and macchiato known to man.

Caffeine Bars are where coffee meets atmosphere, fine dining service and high quality fare. Seamlessly blending together these three elements, Caffeine Bars elevate the consumer experience and allow them to quickly understand the difference between a Coffee Shop and a Caffeine Bar.

The concept was brought to life by way of The Ville Caffeine Bar. The Ville is the first Caffeine Bar, showcasing the new, high-energy Caffeine Bar vibe - an update in the competitive and cluttered coffee space that has been long over due.

Since inception The Ville Caffeine Bar has gained attention and positive review. With a proven and appreciated concept, Caffeine Bars are planning expansion.

When you walk into a Caffeine Bar you can expect superior service, quality coffee, an atmosphere to be admired and music that makes you want to move.

Look out coffee industry, Caffeine Bars are here to shake sh*t up!




2019 The Ville Caffeine Bar

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